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1.In determining the transport strategy, Partshe taken transportation costs charged by real; prices direct deals on products to facilitate you understand the advantages of our products, Partshe will not profit from the transportation costs. Send international express, Partshe the maximum extent possible to meet your requirements, but sometimes differences in transportation costs exceed Partshe acceptance, Partshe has the right to contact you requested pay the freight differential because Partshe product positioning is a low-margin, Wishing for your understanding.

2、Why is my order shipped separately?
There are mainly two reasons for that:
1. Some items in your order are back ordered ones. We do not want to delay the delivery of the remains. So items in stock will usually be shipped in advance. Back ordered items will be shipped out timely once they are sourced later.
2. Some special items which include easily-detained accessories, such as batteries, will be shipped separately by the carrier, especially when you choose express mail like DHL/UPS/Fedex.The main product(s) will be sent by the shipping method which you chose while the accessories like batteries will be usually sent by regular post service, which could be cleared by the customs easier.

3、Why my order cannot be sent by UPS/DHL/Fedex?
When the situation happens, Partshe will contact you and will get your premission,and then send your parcel by another shipment methods.There are several reasons for that:

1. Products like lasers, E-cigarettes cannot be shipped by express mail as it can be easily detained by the customs. In this case, we ship them by regular post service.
2. Some countries are not covered by UPS/DHL/Fedex, so the carrier will change the shipping method for your package. Countries that we can currently ship EMS packages to:Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Mongolia, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, U.K., U.S.A, and Vietnam.

4、How much for shipping cost?
It depends on the quantity / Weight of goods, the shipping method, and thecountry. Use the website checkout to preview prices.

Before ordering

1. Can I change my delivery address after placing an order?
Partshe will only ship to the Paypal address due to safety concerns. For people wishing to change their address, please leave the delivery address through a Paypal message. Addresses noted in email or via the Livechat are invalid.

2. How are Tax and Customs duties handled?

Customers do not need to pay any sales tax or export duties when they purchase from Partshe. Statistically, well less than 1% percentage of all Partshe orders have ever got opened by the Customs in customers’ countries. If the package is checked by their country’s customs office when the item arrives in their country, however, customers are responsible for import duties, tariffs, and taxes. Although the chance of packages being Customs assessed is small, Partshe strongly encourages all customers to check with their local Customs office for any potential import taxes, duties, and tariffs. In addition, some products may require special licenses or permits to import (such as high powered lasers). Partshe is not responsible for products being confiscated by the Customs in customers’ countries.

3. How long does it take for Partshe to process the order?
Your order goes through several steps before it reaches your door.

Step 1 (1-2 business days): The order(s) are double checked by our QC staff.
Step 2 (1-2 business days): The Product(s) are packed and posted to the corresponding courier/shipping agent (e.g. Hong Kong Post, HK DHL, EMS, China Post)
Step 3 (5-15 variable days): The Product(s) are en route to the shipping destination via Express or Air mail.
However, due to customs inspection and clearances it may take up to an additional 7 business days to reach the destination.

4. How can i know if the items are in stock or not?

Most of the order we will process on that day and arrange the shipment within two days.Partshe does not keep all items in stock due to maintenance issues. After receiving your order, Partshe staff will sort them out and place orders at the corresponding factory. Orders are usually filled in about 3 business days. And a email will be sent to you if you wish to have an exchange or refund for your product if it is 3 days overdue.

After Ordering

1. Can I cancel my order?
(A): If your order has not been shipped out , please contact Partshe CS for a refund by using the order number given on purchase and your Paypal transaction ID.

(B): If your order already been shipped out, you can refuse it or return it in its original condition (unused and unopened) to us postmarked within 30 calendar days of delivery. In that case we will refund you the payment excluding actual fees already incurred.

2.Reject the goods

If you reject the parcel from Partshe, then you should pay for the shipping cost from Partshe to your country and you should pay any import fee and the shipping cost for the return. Partshe will charge those cost from your payment for the order. If you have any problem with the shipment, please feel free to send the email to

3.Customs & Shipping  – Package declaration

All packages are declared as gift and shipped without an invoice or receipt For most countries, orders shipped with airmail use the product category for the declaration description and a randomly generated value 30%-60% of the order total. Denmark, France, and Norway are exceptions and use the real value.

4.How can I know my order has been shipped?

You’ll receive a notification e-mail from us when your order is shipped. Information like shipping items, shipping time, tracking No. and tracking website is included. Also you can timely check your order status via “My Account”.

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