Contacts in IC Card Blank PVC Card Siemens 4442 chip


Contacts in IC Card Blank PVC Card Siemens 4442 chip

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A contact type IC card, also known as the “IC card”, the IC is a standard serial EEPROM. Smart card, the English name “Integrated Circuit Card” or “Smart card”, Frenchman Roland Moreno invented in 1974, will have a storage, encryption, and data processing capabilities of the integrated circuit chip package in the same size of a credit card-sized plastic film base they constitute the IC card.
IC card sub-encrypted memory card and non-encrypted memory card
Non-encrypted memory cards: card integrated circuits for standard serial EEPROM.
Plus password storage card: card IC with encryption logic serial EEPROM.
EEPROM: is one of the available electrical method its contents all at once erased, also can be byte erase, and then re-written to the storage circuit.
IC cards, and other cards Comparative
IC card using today’s most advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology and information security technology, IC card relative to other types of cards have the following characteristics:
⑴ storage capacity: its internal have RAM, a ROM, an EEPROM, and other memory, storage capacity can be to megabytes, can be stored in text, sound, graphics, image, and other various information.
⑵ small size, light weight, strong anti-interference ability, easy to carry and easy to use.
⑶ safe: IC card from the hardware and software aspects of the implementation of its security policy, and can control the access characteristics of the different regions of the card. Encryption IC card itself has a secure password, if you try to illegal data access card to self-destruct, and can no longer read or write.
⑷ less demanding on the network: IC card security and reliability of its real-time computer network application environment, sensitivity to lower, very much in line with the national conditions conducive to high quality network environment.

Different chip, IC card according to the different manufacturers of chips and the same manufacturers have their own specific characteristics (see related items), but the purpose of its characteristics, the following points. Now compare with magnetic card.
1 storage capacity:
Magnetic card maximum can only store a few hundred bytes, magnetic stripe can do as a passive storage intermediary IC card can store 1M byte, and the storage area can be divided, there are different levels of access.
2 Encryption
Magnetic card has no control circuit, so its internal data read, write, not safety control, reading technique is also the order and mechanical, the IC card control circuit of its internal data read and write, and erase control. Reading technique is random .
(3) the dependence of the network:
Magnetic card and should be used to ensure that a strong real-time between the terminal and the host, the host or network failure will paralyze the whole system, IC card can store large amounts of data, and is controlled by the logic circuit, use All independently by the terminal, to rid itself of the dependence of the terminal on the network.
4 Life:
Magnetic card short life, the general life of between two months to a year, while the IC card not artificially damaged a life span of more than a decade.
5 Immunity:
Magnetic cards are poor in terms of anti-magnetic, anti-static, waterproof, and magnetic stripe can not rub chaos, and IC cards are strong in these areas, just the chip should be kept clean.
6 forgery sex:
Magnetic card easily forged, IC card itself has a strong logical encryption, making counterfeiting rate is almost zero.
IC card reader equipment than the magnetic card reader equipment is simple and reliable, low cost, easy to promote, and easy maintenance.

IC card storage structure:
IC card chip storage structure is different now briefly introduce the general:
To the IC card with a storage area, in this region can be divided into a unit, each unit is a stored data is placed in each cell, can be arbitrarily assigned to a storage unit a data, and can be randomly store some IC card is divided into different zones, each region has its unique nature, but are very much the same each regional storage.

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