Cell Phone Parts

Apple Parts
Apple Inc. is the most famous  
cell phone supplier.Iphone is
the most popular in the world!

Samsung Parts
Samsung based in South Korea,
is the cell phone leader in Korea
even all of the world! 


Nokia Parts
Nokia based in Finland,world
famous cell phone brand,many
people like Nokia!





Motorola Parts
Motorola based in United 
States,is the leader of globle    


HTC Parts
HTC based in Taiwan,There are 
many fans in China mainland
and all over the world. 


BlackBerry Parts
BlackBerry based in Canada,is
the most security cell phone,
president Obama is using it 

Sony Ericsson Parts
Sony Inc and Ericsson Inc own
each 50% of Sony Ericsson.
more and more people like it. 

LG Parts
LG based in South Korea,which  
is a famous mobile terminal in 
Korea and all of the world. 


Huawei Parts
Huawei based in China,which
is the most famous Chinese
local cellphone brand 






Dopod Parts
Dopod based in Taiwan too.
which is the early smart phone
and PPC. 



Pantech Parts
Pantech based in South Korea,is
very popular in Korea and all of
the world. 


Asus Parts
Asus based in Taiwan,which
is a famous computer factory
the same as cellphone 

Sharp Parts
Sharp based in Japan,LCD is
famous product,sharp want to 
make good cellphone recently

Sony Parts
Sony based in Japan,top brand    
of camera,computer,cellphone
has a large number of fans 


Palm Parts
Palm based in United States,
top brand of PDA manufacture
Partshe has all of it’s parts 






ZTE Parts
ZTE is Chinese most famous
communication company,ZTE 
cellphone has a good market



TOMTOM based in Netherland
is a famous navigation provider   
TOMTOM phone is popular too 


Acer Parts
Acer based in Taiwan,famous
as computer,want to make good 
cell phone recently 

Dell Parts
Dell is the famous computer     
supplier,based in America
want to grab phone market 

HP Parts
HP based in United States,
is a very famous PC manufacture
HP cellphone is very famours too 

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Showing 1–12 of 247 results