OEM Services

Why do we need customized production?
Allows you to significantly reduce costs and improve profits, maybe the price of 100 pcs by normal can customise 1000 pcs. the cost of the product that you see can not be significantly reduced, but PARTSHE can reduce the cost significantly.

Custom production requirements?
There is no fixed requirements, you need to tell us your custom manufacturing needs, we will promptly to your needs with long-term partners, supply chain communication, we will tell you all of the information about the cost,time and requirements in time. to help you make a desicion. once you make a decision, we will immediately begin to execute your order.

Why choose China?
In China,like IPHONE, HP, EPSON, Samsung, Adidas, many of the world famous electronics brand let OEM factories in China customise their products, which means China has a complete industrial chain to meet any of your needs.

Why customized production through PARTSHE?
1, By PARTSHE strict quality testing to avoid any loss caused by customized substandard products.
2, Through PARTSHE’s long-term partner chain relationships to avoid the factories do not want to accept small orders.
3, Through custom production department of PARTSHE timely follow up on the latest progress report to your custom production orders.
4, Through PARTSHE selling customized products to our global customer to continue sharing the cost of custom manufacturing to reduce costs and improve price competitiveness.
5, Customized production through PARTSHE, we will be according to your requirements deny your local orders to protect you in the local absolute advantage.

The following are customized production of some products for your reference.

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