Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee

Find a Lower Price
and We’ll Match It.
If you find a lower price on a qualifying product with the
Low Price Guarantee message at an online store,
we will match the price.


How It Works


  Send us the URL   
   If you find a qualifying lower price from a designated online retailer, send their Web page URL to us (he@partshe.com
   or you can leave a message at our website.



  Confirm the information2

   Partshe staff will investigate timely based on the URL
   you provided,to confirm the information(such as product quality,purchasing details etc.)




  Change the Price
   If Partshe confirmed that the URL belongs businesses are a true competitor,
    we will immediately adjust our price, and to ensure that our price is lower than the URL.


Note:If we found that the product is not the same as Partshe,and we decide not to adjust the price,we will inform you the detail reasons by email.
In Partshe,we think it is one of the most important thing that guarantee our customers purchase lower price qualified products than competitors.

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