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The HHP IT3800 gives you laser scanner performance with durability and cost savings!

The IT3800 is the most popular wedge barcode scanner we sell...and for good reason. A linear imager with the performance of a laser, the HHP IT3800 has no moving parts. With a 5-year guarantee, the HHP IT3800 provides reliable scanning year after year.

When reliability and durability matter, look no further than the Hand Held Products IT3800. The IT3800 is built to withstand years of drops, vibration, extreme temperatures, and other general abuse common to all data capture applications. The durability of the HHP IT3800 is legendary.

The IT3800 has a sharp aiming line and extended decoding distance, and provides excellent performance in any lighting conditions. The IT3800 connect to all popular personal computers, point-of-sale systems and data terminals. With the IT3800's 5-year warranty, this scanner is ideal for any application.